Why don’t we stock the retention pond with fish?

Up front this sounds like a good idea. While we have to maintain the retention pond and the area around it, we do have to be careful when it comes to liability concerns should someone get injured, sick, drown or otherwise have a fatal event around or in the pond. The HOA has posted signs around the pond that says "NO SWIMMING, NO FISHING, NO BOATING". By stocking the retention pond with fish, we then encourage residents or anyone else that walks onto the property to then catch and then potentially eat the fish. Keep in mind that the runoff around the retention pond includes chemicals from surrounding properties, peoples yards, the streets, etc. The HOA has not tested the water in the retention pond, but volunteer homeowners have pulled much trash and a variety of dumped items from the pond over the years. We just don't feel it's safe to swim in, fish on or boat on the retention pond and the HOA does not want to be exposed to the liability should an unfortunate event happen as a result. The HOA does encourage using the grassy areas around the retention pond for playing and relaxation as you desire, but we request that you exercise caution with regards to the retention pond and to adhere to the signs posted. Also keep in mind that the HOA is paying to have the grassy areas around the pond maintained, but the HOA is not paying anyone to pickup trash left behind. As this is HOA property, homeowners are welcome to use it, but please pickup any trash you see, whether you left it there or not, and make sure you leave the area the way you found it (or better).

What areas are mowed by the landscapers?

In the documents section of the website, we have provided the subdivision plats that shows the areas that the HOA pays a landscaping company to maintain. Those areas are shaded green on each of the pages. You can access this document here.

Who do I notify if I see a downed tree in a creek area?

If the downed tree is in a common area owned and maintained by the HOA, please contact the HOA using one or more of the following methods:     Office: (512) 918-8100     Email: Please be sure to be as descriptive as possible as to the location of the downed tree. The HOA will inspect the site and determine if this is something the HOA is responsible for. If not, and there is concerns that failure to resolve the situation, the HOA will make every effort possible to contact the owner of the property and inform them of the situation, the HOA concerns, etc.

How often are the landscapers maintaining the common areas?

The landscaping vendor we use to maintain the common areas uses the following guidelines for monthly visits: January: 1 February: 1 March: 2 April: 2 May: 2 June: 2 July: 2 August: 2 September: 2 October: 2 November: 1 December: 1 Keep in mind that weather conditions may impact how many times the landscapers are actually able to visit and cut the common areas and that all common areas may not be serviced in each visit due to ground conditions.