Senior Discounts Available From City of Kyle For Certain Utility Services

In looking at the City of Kyle utility rate information, the fee schedule for Fiscal Year 2019 can be found at this link: Be sure to look at the fee schedule and look for references to "Senior". It looks to be related to garbage collection services and fees.

This document doesn't indicate what age they consider a "Senior" to be able to get the discount, but everyone can benefit from saving a little money if they meet the requirements. If this is something you think you may qualify for, please call the City of Kyle and inquire about whether the Senior Rates are something that you may be able to get.

How To Help Victims of San Marcos Apartment Complex Fire

By now, most if not all of us should have heard about the San Marcos Iconic Village and Vintage Pad Apartments fire that destroyed over 100 apartments and killed 5 people. If you wish to help those affected, this article was posted in the Community Impact Newspaper that provided information on a variety of organizations that are helping those impacted by this tragedy. Here is the link:

Info from Community Impact Newspaper, June 2018

The Community Impact Newspaper June 2018 edition had an article in their Business Feature section about a Pet Boarding, Day Care and Grooming business that started in August 2017 called Pups and Mutts Boarding, Day Care and Grooming. They are located at 598 Rebel Drive in Kyle and their phone number is 512-268-9177. I have added a link to their website in this article as well as in the Helpful Info section.

If you have pets and are in need of their services, you may want to check them out and see if they are a fit for you and your fur babies. Again, this is in the June 2018 edition of the Community Impact Newspaper in case you want to read the article.

There was also an advertisement for Republic Veterinary Hospital that is now open. their info is also in the Helpful Info section along with their phone number.

Note: Pups and Mutts, Republic Veterinary Hospital, nor any other entity did not pay for or request this posting. As these businesses are part of the City of Kyle community, we felt it's important to bring attention to these local businesses that may be able to help you with specific needs.