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Website Updates

PAMCo has recently moved it's offices and are now located at 700 Market Street Bldg 3 in Cedar Park. The new address has been updated and is shown on the right side of most pages on this website for your convenience.

Additionally, the Board Members page has been updated with the current home owners now serving on the Board of Directors and their position. As a community, we appreciate your service to help make our community better and bringing everyone closer.

Community Announcement

Continuing with our improvement initiative, the HOA has installed three sets of solar lights over the existing three sections of mailboxes. Having a safe environment that is well-lit is our top priority for our members.

The HOA has been making improvements for the subdivision in phases. In the next phase, the HOA will be addressing the pond. This will require clean up and removing trees that our adopted beaver has managed to take down. In the process of removing those trees and trash, we will be looking to have a wildlife rescue organization to help safely remove the beaver (or unidentified wildlife friend) and relocate it to a proper environment. Once this is completed, we will then treat the water. This area will be part of our lawn care contract to maintain any weeds along the perimeter of the pond to maintain a clean visual and inviting appearance for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned for more changes to come.

Community Announcement

We have some exciting new additions to the community to share with all of you. By the mailboxes on Indian Paintbrush Drive, there is a new Food Pantry and a Lending Library. Please feel free to take some food if you are in need and/or give some food if you can help others. If you have books or movies you would like to donate, please feel free to place them in the Lending Library for others to enjoy. We have a lot of kids in the community, of all ages, at home and bored and would appreciate them. Sometimes escaping into a good book to get away from the stresses of a day can provide the ultimate relaxation.

We have also installed two Disc Golf/Frisbee nets behind Dandelion Loop where the retention pond is located. In that same area, we have also installed two park benches, a trash can to throw any garbage/waste in, and a dog waste station. If you’re out walking your dog, please be courteous and pick up after your dog with the bags supplied. We are planning to have the pond cleaned up. Our lawn company has met with our Board of Directors and has a plan in place of what is going to be done to bring the pond up to standards. Imagine sitting on the park bench, drinking coffee and watching your dog or kids playing. This area is the site we will be using to build a playground and possibly more over time. There are other plans we are working towards in the future to bring more to the community, but we will be doing it in steps. The Board of Directors and HOA are working towards bringing amenities to our community the way Indian Paintbrush was meant to be when it was first built.

We hope you enjoy all of these new items and find value in their addition to Indian Paintbrush.

Please find pictures below:

Food Pantry and Lending Library

Disc Golf/Frisbee Nets

Park Benches

New Years and Fireworks Reminder

This is a reminder that the City of Kyle has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on fireworks popped off or launched within the city limits. Based on city ordinance, it is against the law to discharge or use fireworks in Kyle. (This does not apply to the city's fireworks show, which is properly permitted and uses a professional pyrotechnics firm to launch the display.) We have included a copy of the City's fireworks ordinance in our Knowledge Base section and can be found here. The City of Kyle has also posted this on their website.

Kyle Police Department will continue its enforcement of the ordinance against fireworks. Please call the non-emergency number, 512-268-3232, to report any activity related to the illegal discharge or use of fireworks inside city limits. If it's a true emergency, never hesitate to call 911.

The City of Kyle has started posting signs at the entrances of subdivisions to inform everyone about the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Claiming you did not know about the ordinance is not an excuse. Here is a picture of the sign at the entrances to our subdivision at Windy Hill Road and Dacy Lane.

Please have a safe and happy Independence Day holiday.

Fireworks sign


Please be aware that coyotes exist and live in the areas surrounding our subdivision. Last night, it was observed around 2:30am that two coyotes were chasing a smaller dog (about half the size of the coyotes) down Indian Paintbrush towards Windy Hill Road. All hopes go to that dog that it was able to get away from the coyotes and get somewhere safe.

Please use caution when you let you pets out after dark. If you have a fence, we would recommend you check your fence line at least once a month or after big storms to ensure there are no gaps, loose panels, loose planks or even missing planks and/or downed sections. Our pets can be masterful at escaping and while they are curious more than anything else, no one wants to lose a beloved pet as a result of a coyote attack.