What can I do about a neighbor who is not part of the HOA and their front yard is not maintained or looks like crap?

While the Indian Paintbrush HOA has no control over homes that are not part of the HOA, there is another option that could help with the unfortunate situation. You can always contact the City of Kyle's Code Enforcement Office at 512-262-3914. You can also email in complaints or file a complaint online. Once the complaint has been reported, they will send an officer out to the property to investigate. If their is a code violation by City of Kyle's laws/standards, they will leave a written warning on the front door of the property. The resident of the property will have ten days to remedy the issue. After 10 days, an officer will drive by the property to check on the reason for the warning. If the issue is not corrected, they will issue a ticket, of which will likely include a fine that must be paid. At this point, the situation becomes a legal issue for which the resident or owner of the property must address and resolve with the City of Kyle.