Indian Paintbrush Convenants, Conditions and Restrictions Animal Policy

2.12 Animals. No kennel or other facility for raising or boarding dogs or other animals for commercial purposes shall be kept on any Lot. Only the keeping of ordinary household pets such as dogs and cats, not to exceed two (2) each in number, is allowed, however, no breeding, raising, or boarding of such pets permitted on any Lot. No pit bull terriers or other dangerous breed of dogs as determined by the Board in its sole discretion may be kept on any Lot for any period of time. All pets permitted by this Declaration to be kept on a Lot shall at all times be properly vaccinated and cared for. No poultry or livestock of any kind may be kept on any Lot for any period of time. All pets shall be kept on the Owner's Lot and shall not be allowed to roam loose, and Owners having pets shall keep their Lot and all other Lots free of offensive or unsanitary accumulations of waste from their pet.

Dog Parks

Here is a list of dog parks in the area: Steeplechase Dog Park 295 Hallie Drive, Kyle, TX (Opened June 2, 2018) Buda Dog Park Next to Hays County YMCA YMCA Address: 465 Buda Sportsplex Dr., Buda, TX If you find a new dog park, please let us know so that we can update this list.

Pets and Animal Licensing City Ordinance

Sec. 5-185. - License required. (a) License issuance. All animals four months of age or older which are kept, harbored or maintained within the corporate limits of the city shall be licensed. Licenses shall be provided by the animal control officer or his agent upon payment of the required fee for each animal. Before a city license will be issued for a cat or dog, the owner must present a current certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing that such cat or dog has been vaccinated for rabies. The owner shall state his name and address, and the breed, color and sex of the animal to be licensed. Such license shall be valid for one year from date of issuance. Any owner previously found to be a habitual offender and having previously had their license revoked under section 5-186 may be deemed not eligible for current licensure. Appeals of such ineligibility shall be those procedures set out under section 5-186 for revocations. (b) Tag and collar. Upon payment of the license fee, where applicable, the city shall issue to the owner a license certificate and metal tag having stamped thereon the number corresponding with the number of the certificate. Such tag shall at all times be securely attached to a collar or harness around the neck of the animal. In case a tag is lost, a duplicate will be issued by the animal control officer or his agent upon presentation of the receipt showing the payment of license fee for the calendar year. Tags shall not be transferable from one animal to another, and no refunds shall be made. (c) Livestock; miniature livestock. All livestock and miniature livestock shall be tagged or tattooed and the tag or tattoo will be the identifying tag required to be worn and will be shown on the license. (Ord. No. 287-1, § 164, 2-1-2005; Ord. No. 713, § 1, 11-20-2012; Ord. No. 818, § 28, 8-19-2014)