Burn Ban Returns Friday, July 20 for Unincorporated Areas of Hays County

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Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX – The Hays County Commissioners Court on July 17 reinstated the burn ban beginning Friday, July 20 for unincorporated areas of Hays County. The Court set the date in order to give property owners a few days to complete needed burnings before extreme heat and lack of rain dry out the county, making outdoor burning unsafe.

During a burn ban, outdoor grills with lids can be used, but burn barrels (even those with lids) and other outdoor fires are prohibited. More information about burn bans and outdoor burning is available here.

The link to this posting on the Hays County Website is: http://www.co.hays.tx.us/burn-ban-returns-friday-july-20-for-unincorporated-areas-of-hays-county