Fences, Pets and Hot Weather

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As a reminder, the weather is heating up and for those that have pets that spend time outside, whether temporary or long term, please keep in mind that pets spending time outside will need shade and water to stay cool and hydrated. Just like us, it’s easy for pets to overheat without proper shade and water.

You may also take some time to walk your fence lines and check your gates on a regular basis throughout the year. It’s easy for wildlife, like rabbits, to dig under fences or for high winds and rains to cause damage to your fencing or gates that leave gaps or holes for your pets to escape. When open spots are discovered by your pets, they often will explore and may not easily find their way back home without help.

There have been a lot of posts on Nextdoor the last few months with animals escaping yards or otherwise wandering off or just plain missing. Please take a few minutes and check your yards, fencing and gates to make sure that your fur babies don’t have an opportunity to escape. And if they spend time outside, even 20 minutes for an exercise and potty break, make sure they have water and shade available.

As a reminder, if you own a pet within the Kyle city limits that is four months old or older, you must register your pets with the city. Go to the City of Kyle’s website for more information.