Indian Paintbrush Community Garage Sale

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The Indian Paintbrush HOA is organizing a Community Garage Sale on October 13th and 14th.

We would like as many households to participate in the Community Garage Sale as possible.

If you have questions or want to participate, please contact Darin Ramzinski at or call 512-658-3960. If your call goes to voice mail, please leave a message and Darin will call you back.

Advertisement of the Community Garage Sale will be posted on various websites including Next Door, Craig’s List and others with the addresses of those choosing to participate around the beginning of October and again the weekend before.

Signs are the responsibility of the participants to create and post beforehand and remove afterwards.

We hope you benefit from having a Community Garage Sale and enjoy seeing what treasures your neighbors are selling that you simply can’t live without! Who knows, you may find that fascinating collectible item that you are missing from your collection, a great gag gift for your next office party, accessories for your Halloween costume or just simply a good deal on something you need or want.