RV’s, Boats and Trailers

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The City of Kyle allows RV’s, boats and trailers to park for up to 24 hours on the public street and the Indian Paintbrush HOA does not allow passenger vehicles, boats or boats on trailers to be parked or left on any part of the property other than the owner’s garage or driveway for longer than 12 hours.

From Indian Paintbrush Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions:

No mobile homes, boats, busses, trucks (other than passenger vehicle trucks), boat trailers, graders, tractors or wagons shall be parked or placed on any lot at any time; provided however, construction equipment may be left on a lot during construction on such lot, but shall be removed as soon as such equipment is no longer needed in such construction. No travel trailers or recreational vehicles shall be parked on or near any lot so as to be visible from adjoining property or public or private rights-of-way for longer than forty-eight (48) hours at a time.

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