Lehman Road Construction Update

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Beginning Feb. 25, Cash Construction will be closing Lehman Rd. to traffic from FM 150 to Masonwood Dr. The overall Lehman Rd. reconstruction project is estimated to be 20-24 months; the portion from FM 150 to Masonwood will be several months. However, inclement weather and other issues can affect the estimated schedule.

As the work progresses north, different segments of Lehman Rd. will be closed to thru traffic. Signage will be posted in advance. We will update this webpage, and also use social media and our weekly e-News to keep residents up to date on changes and closures.

During this project, the contractor will:

  • Bore under FM 150 to install a 30-inch waste water line and a reclaim line that will service our growing community
  • Make drainage improvements along the road up to Masonwood
  • Completely reconstruct Lehman Road, adding turn lanes and a sidewalk

In terms of drainage improvements, the contractor will raise the profile and install a larger drainage structure at the south low-water crossing (closest to FM 150). This will reduce the number of times the road will need to be closed due to large rain events.

Detours from westbound FM 150 will be:

    1. Take I-35 access road to Philomena (formerly Goforth) to Masonwood, turn left onto Lehman Rd.
    2. Take I-35 access road to Bunton Creek Rd. and turn right onto Lehman Rd.

Detours from eastbound FM 150 will be:

    1. Cross the Center St. bridge over I-35. Turn left onto the I-35 access road, turn right onto Philomena (formerly Goforth), right on Masonwood, then left on Lehman Rd.
    2. Cross the Center St. bridge over I-35. Turn left onto the I-35 access road, turn right on Bunton Creek Rd. then turn right onto Lehman Rd.

NOTE: The Plum Creek Conservation has a legal interest at the southern low water crossing that requires the City to remove soil out of Lake Kyle to compensate for the soil that will be placed along Lehman Rd. to elevate the road profile. The contractor will need to access the Lake Kyle through the Four Seasons neighborhood to remove the required soil. We are making plans with Cash Construction to minimize the inconvenience to the residents of that community.

*** Beginning March 25, Lake Kyle will be closed to the public. PARD offices will be temporarily relocated across from Old City Hall/Krug Activity Center on Burleson St.***

For more information, please read more at https://www.cityofkyle.com/cityengineer/lehman-road-construction-update.