New HOA Website

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We have a new Indian Paintbrush HOA website for owners and residents. The new site is designed to provide more up to date information including a News Feed and a Calendar with local events.

There are also social media links to both the Facebook group and Nextdoor. Joining the Facebook group requires approval from the group owner and the group is not owned or managed by the HOA. It was setup and is managed by fellow homeowners. Nextdoor is like Facebook, but organized for neighborhoods and subdivisions and it’s free to join.

Please take some time and review the new website and it’s content. We have tried to consolidate as much information into one place as possible. If you feel something should be included or removed, please let us know. We will try to update it as often as possible.

If there is something you wish to see added or updated on the website, please send a message with your request by clicking on the Website Request menu option, and completing the form with your contact information and request.