Water Conservation Notice – Stage 2

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Monarch Utilities notified us with the last billing statements that we are in Stage 2 water restrictions. Per the Monarch Utilities notice:


Achieve a twenty percent (20%) MANDATORY reduction in total and daily water demand.


When any of the following occur:

  • When the water treatment capacity reached for three (3) or more days in a week is equal to or greater than seventy-five percent (75%).
  • When well pump hours per day for more than three (3) days is equal to or greater than 18 hours.
  • When the TCEQ, a governing groundwater district, or a contracted water supplier requests initiation of a twenty percent (20%) usage reduction.

Mandatory Restrictions:

  • Use of automatic irrigation systems and hose end sprinklers is limited between 12:01am to 4:00am and 8:00pm to 11:00pm on the designated watering days. Once weekly watering is allowed.
  • Use of soaker hoses on landscaped areas is allowed from 12:01am to 10:00am or from 8:00pm to 11:59pm on designated watering days.
  • Use of a hand-held hose (unattended hoses are prohibited), a faucet-filled bucket or watering can of five (5) gallons or less, or drip irrigation systems is permitted on the designated watering day from 12:01am to 4:00am or from 7:00pm to 11:59pm.
  • Washing vehicles, motorbikes, boats, trailers, airplanes or other vehicles is prohibited. Vehicle washing may be done at any time on the immediate premises of a commercial car wash or commercial service station. Further, such washing may be exempted from these regulations if the health, safety, and welfare the public are contingent upon frequent vehicle cleansing, such as garbage trucks and vehicles used to transport food and perishables.
  • Topping of pools is allowed on the approved Watering Day Schedule.
  • Washing or rinsing driveways, sideways, or streets is prohibited at all times. The use of water for construction purposes from designated fire hydrants is permitted under special permit.
    Address ends in 1 or 7 – Monday
    Address ends in 2 or 8 – Tuesday
    Address ends in 3 or 9 – Wednesday
    Address ends in 0 or 4 – Thursday
    Address ends in 5 – Friday
    Address ends in 6 – Saturday

Violations & Penalties:

First Violation: The customer will be notified by written notice of their specific violation.

Second Violation: After written notice, the utility may install a flow restricting device in the line to limit the amount of water which will pass through the meter in a 24-hour period. The utility may charge the customer for the actual cost of installing and removing the flow restricting device, not to exceed $50.00.

Third Violation: The utility may discontinue service at the meter for a period of seven (7) days, or until the end of the calendar month, whichever period is shorter. The normal reconnect fee of the utility will apply for restoration of service.

For up to date information on current water usage restrictions, please visit our website’s Drought Notices page at www.swwc.com/texas/drought.